Ron Fuller

Ron Fuller - Craftsman or Artist?  Ron believes that woodworking, as with any art form, requires a combination of both – art in the design, and craftsmanship in the making.  He believes a combination of both achieves elegance and functionality in his furniture and boxes.

Ron focuses on creating beautiful and functional keepsake and jewelry boxes, tables and custom furniture. 

Ron received a B.A. degree focused on art and design from The Evergreen State College.  However, he is primarily self-taught from many years of working with wood.  In 1995, he began designing and building custom furniture.  Retirement, from his day job in 2012, allowed Ron time to focus even more on his love of wood and woodworking – spending time creating more custom pieces in his wood shop.  Ron enjoys working with patrons creating custom commission pieces.  His original pieces continue to look good and have held up very well to everyday use.

Ron especially enjoys the challenges involved with hand cut joinery. He uses finishes that are appropriate to long-term use by the customer.  When finishing, he lets the beauty of the wood to reveal itself allowing the wood’s natural grain to shine.   Ron says there is little so satisfying as to move one’s eyes and hands over a silky smooth piece of finished wood while admiring the fantastic grain patterns and hand cut joinery.

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